How we work

Not surprisingly, we aim to find clients who we enjoy working with and those we can make a positive difference to. Everyone talks about the importance of ”long term relationships” – we have the team continuity and commitment to actually make it happen.

We believe it says a lot that more than 90% of our new work is consistently referred to us by existing clients, professional contacts or team members and we’re particularly proud that the average length of service at Sagars is 12 years – we figure we must be doing something right!

There’s only one way to really find out what life is like as a Sagars client – but to help you decide if you want to come on board, here are a few of the things that we’ll do for you (and some of the things that we won’t).

We will:

  • give you a dedicated partner and other team members to look after you (and if they’re not around when you call, whoever does answer will strive to help you directly)
  • set out our pricing and fees clearly up front
  • talk to you on the phone or meet up, rather than writing, where it makes sense (unless you’d prefer us not to, of course)
  • make forms and letters as clear, user-friendly and jargon-free as possible
  • keep you informed through e-shots, seminars and good old fashioned conversations
  • look beyond technical accounting and tax issues to consider commercial and practical implications.

We won’t:

  • send you an unexpected bill
  • screen or fend off your calls with a secretary (mainly because we don’t have any secretaries!)
  • put you through to voicemail (simply because we only have an emergency out of office hours answerphone)
  • send you unintelligible letters and reports
  • forget about you from one year to the next.

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