It’s long been said that cash is king. And, if businesses didn’t realise it before the COVID-19 crisis, chances are that they do now.

With workplaces off-limits during the lockdown, getting the cash in to keep things going has, for some, become a much bigger challenge. Cloud accounting users needn’t worry, they can continue raising invoices and chasing the cash, regardless of where they’re working from…possibly lucky, definitely smart!

Ace your credit control game

Some of our most successful business clients are playing even smarter, improving their credit control game by side-lining manual emails or phone calls to chase debtors and linking to an app called Chaser instead. The result is that they are getting cash in quick and saving precious time. With cash coming in sooner, they are spending less time managing it and don’t have to suffer sleepless nights wondering whether they can pay employee wages or suppliers.

Long before lockdown, Chaser was proving to be a great signing for our clients but now it’s offering real added value with a free cashflow recovery initiative and advice about how to conduct credit control in the current challenging economic climate, helping clients find solutions to questions like:

  • What is the right tone to take with my customers to show empathy but also secure payment if it is possible?
  • How can I judge which customers can and can’t pay?
  • And do I ensure those that can pay, do pay?
  • What are the optimal payment plans to offer people you can’t pay?
  • And how do I go about setting them up?

Combining the art of polite persistence with efficient automation, and integrating easily with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Sage Business Accounting, Chaser gets results. Some of our favourite key features are:

  • Fully customisable templates. You can use bespoke templates to ensure that emails are appropriate and look like they are coming from you personally, rather than an automated system
  • Choose who to chase function. At the click of a button, you can “stop chasing” all your customers or select individual customers, giving you complete control over who to contact
  • Flexible frequency. Amend the frequency of reminders so that emails are sent every day, week or month depending on how persistent you want to be.
  • Inbuilt CRM system. Chaser will automatically log all email chasers and replies, allowing easy access to the full conversation history. We have found this to be invaluable; if a member of staff is away, we can easily see the status of each customer account and any correspondence associated with it to ensure we make the right decisions about how to approach them
  • Reports and insights. Quickly and easily see who your good payers and bad payers are, so you know how best to chase up your customers.

Uncertainty on the cards

An uncertain future is on the cards and there are guaranteed to be winners and losers. For the best chance of success, we recommend making Chaser one of your key players.

It will come as no surprise that Chaser fulfils a key role in our core app stack and we can either support you with implementation and training or take complete responsibility for your credit control function.