To control the future of your business you just need to know your numbers.

It’s never been more important for business owners to understand their numbers, so they can make informed decisions and act at the right time.  Our work with Futrli over the past few years means we can help you do just this with our bespoke solution – Pulse Powered by Sagars.

Pulse powers your future

Pulse integrates easily with QuickBooks Online and Xero to create intuitive reports and KPI dashboards, giving you visibility and understanding of your business numbers, together with a fighting chance of getting through these uncertain times.

With COVID-19’s impact being felt by every business across the UK, having the ability to prepare forecasts quickly and easily from Pulse is proving to be massively beneficial.  By running various scenarios, we can help you understand the impact of COVID-19 on your profitability and cashflow, which means you can make informed decisions and get some control over the future.

One of my favourite Pulse features is integrated business alerts.  This can be tailored so you get the alerts that are most important for you.  For example, if gross profit % is an important KPI, you can set an alert if it goes above or below a certain threshold and the live dashboard means that you can continually keep an eye on your business performance.

Futrli Flow – essential cashflow management

Futrli releases new products all the time and one of their most recent is flow which provides invaluable cashflow insights.  Cashflow is the heartbeat of a business, if it’s not managed or controlled it can have a huge impact and, in severe cases, even result in the business failing.  Using flow can help with the early identification of any potential cashflow issues, giving you time to work through a plan of action to prevent an issue further down the line.  Flow will also provide key information on your customers and suppliers, such as whether you are dependent on just a few customers or suppliers, as well as providing extremely useful data around debtor and creditor days.  I’m now eagerly awaiting Futrli’s release of “predict” – their new cashflow forecasting tool.

If cashflow could well be an issue for your business, we’ve also recently partnered with Capitalise to provide access to 100+ lenders and ensure that the right funding is available for you and your business needs.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Pulse is a business-changing solution. If you’d like a demo to understand how it can help you make the right business decisions and take back control over your future, please get in touch with Paul Lodder.