We are independent corporate tax accountants based in Leeds, offering a wide range of business tax services. Our expertise and experience in tax is one of our strengths and by choosing Sagars, you’ll also benefit from our technical knowledge and a personal, friendly service.

Taxation services for businesses

Our dedicated corporate and partnership tax specialists work through a range of tax issues with our clients including:

  • Determining which is the most appropriate structure for a business; for example sole trader, limited company, or LLP
  • Restructuring business interests to ensure tax efficiency
  • Retirement and exit planning
  • Share option schemes
  • Ensuring available business tax reliefs are used
  • Tax-efficient remuneration of employees and partners
  • Tax planning.

In addition, our clients can also rely on our experienced accountants to help with all areas of business compliance and management accounts including:

  • Preparation of unincorporated business accounts before a tax return is completed
  • Preparation of corporation tax returns
  • Guidance on when payment is due and how much should be paid
  • Guidance for business owners on general HM Revenue & Customs matters
  • Support and advice during HMRC investigations.

VAT returns and payroll services

Our business accounting services also include a range of tax and advice and support services, designed to help our clients navigate through the complex area of VAT and payroll taxes. Unfortunately, without the right advice it’s easy to accumulate penalty charges and interest which could otherwise be avoided.

However, we have the expertise to provide advice and support on a range of VAT issues, from straightforward questions, through to VAT planning in complex transactions or support during a VAT investigation.

Contact Sagars – corporate tax accountants in Leeds

Our corporate tax services are used by clients of all sizes; from small businesses and sole traders, through to multi-national companies.

To find out more, please get in touch with Kate Naylor, our corporate tax partner by calling 0113 297 6825 or email k.naylor@sagars.co.uk

Kate Naylor
Kate Naylor
Tax Partner

Kate works with businesses and their owners on tax strategies and mitigation, looking at business and personal tax structures to achieve long term goals.

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