Group Integration Partner


Who I help

Group Executive Team, leadership team, all AAB Group team members, businesses coming on board with us.

How I help

Leading and coordinating the development of our group operational platform and bringing together entities joining the Group.

“Bringing together technology, people & processes.”

Now with a dedicated focus on supporting the growth of our internal operations, Ali draws on years of experience working with clients as an external consultant and adviser supporting them through periods of change and key stages in their lifecycle.

By bringing together technology, people and processes she supports us in helping clients and our people to overcome barriers and reach their full potential.

Technology enables us

“I believe that technology is a great enabler. It enables our teams to deliver their technical expertise to a diverse and wide-ranging client base. Tech also enhances the way our clients experience our services while casting a wide net for the clients that we’re able to support and work with. At AAB we are always looking for ways to do things differently. We utilise technology to free up  our fantastic team to do more interesting work and invest quality time getting to know our clients and helping them to achieve their goals. ”

No growth without challenge

“AAB Group is on an exciting journey. That growth comes with challenges but also great opportunities. It’s brilliant to see how that growth makes us better able to support our clients in terms of the breadth and quality of the services we offer and to elevate the options and career pathways available to our team.

As we build capabilities and scale, our culture is key in retaining the priority we place on quality relationships – both within internal teams and with our clients.”

Collaboration at the heart of it all

“Collaboration is most definitely our superpower! There’s enormous satisfaction in seeing the results of our teams working together across locations, specialisms and different roles – whether that’s delivering on internal projects or providing innovative services to our clients.

And of course, it’s really hard to collaborate effectively without injecting a good dose of enthusiasm, positivity and fun!”

No two days the same

“Being able to segue from ‘big picture’ to a grasp of the detail, whether that’s across processes, finances or commercial implications, is a key strength I bring to AAB.

And in a role where two days are never the same, fresh thinking and effective problem solving are useful attributes!  Identifying a new way to approach a system or process is only a part route to success though, the difference that makes the difference is bringing people along on that journey.”

No boring accountants here

“All the “boring accountants” must work somewhere other than AAB! Our people are great at what they do and fun to work with too. They find innovative and creative ways to support our clients and develop our people. It’s what makes the AAB Group a great place to work.”.