Business owners and individuals who have debt or profitability issues, and helping creditors to recover debts due from failing businesses.


Corporate Insolvency, Members’ Voluntary Liquidations, Personal Debt, Debt Recovery, Restructuring and Business Rescue.


Across all sectors of the economy.


Brian Milne is a Partner and Head of Restructuring & Recovery, leading a team of approximately 30 staff across our UK offices. Brian takes formal insolvency appointments across a broad spectrum of businesses and provides advice and solutions for individuals with personal debt problems. He also offers advice to distressed businesses and their lenders to assist in turnaround, restructuring and recovery.

Brian brings an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He is commercially astute, which means that he always finds the appropriate solution for individuals, businesses, and lenders alike.

A two-way relationship

“We tend not to have “clients” per se in insolvency cases, but if we did, an ideal working relationship would be a two-way one where there is both trust and mutual respect, the client values the advice being given and is happy to pay for that advice.

The most satisfying assignments are the ones where I successfully sell a failing business to a new owner who can breathe fresh life into it. I also enjoy dealing with end-of-life successful businesses and listening to the war stories of the clients who have made it to the end successfully.

I was involved in a turnaround of a small family hotel business many years ago, and we successfully restructured and saved the business. I don’t remember the exact words, but I do remember the feeling of immense pride everyone connected with the transaction felt.”

A tech-enabled approach

“Technology can play a major role in any restructuring. I believe anything which drives efficiency without compromising quality should be embraced.

I have a pragmatic approach to work and aim to deliver a bespoke service to our clients. What goes around tends to come around. The approach to any given problem or piece of work needs to be suited to that problem or piece of work.”

People are everything

“I’d say the greatest strength I bring to AAB is my strong professional network. Every person in it is a potential work provider.

Within the team, I firmly believe that people are everything in business, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. We care and our starting point is compassion. You need them to feel part of a team, feel like they are on a continuous learning journey, and most of all, that they enjoy what they are doing. In my experience, happy people tend to cause much less headaches.”

Excited for the future

“AAB are on a rapid growth journey, and I am really excited for the future for AAB. For me, the next ten years will bring a plethora of interesting restructuring work, predominately as a result of the fall out of the global pandemic. It’s interesting to see how different businesses and different sectors behaved, and the results of those behaviours. For AAB, it gets to play a leading role in advising the businesses that made it.”