Who I help

Private individuals, self-employed individuals, and Partners who have partnership income.

How I help

Ensuring their tax returns are completed accurately, filed with HMRC on time and the clients understand their tax position. Making them aware of any opportunities to reduce their tax liabilities.


Company Directors, Partners, and Self-Employed clients from a wide range of sectors.

“I love helping clients to solve problems & identifying opportunities for them.”

Darren Tomlinson is a Manager within our Private Client team at Sagars. He manages a portfolio of partnership and personal tax clients, ensuring that all returns are completed accurately and filed with HMRC ahead of the filing deadline.

With specialisms that include tax planning for pension contributions, property income, and employment taxes, Darren is always looking for opportunities to reduce his clients’ tax liabilities where possible, particularly the higher rate taxpayers and those with incomes over £100,000.

Darren is also responsible for co-ordinating the training for new trainees in the Private Client Department.


“For me, an ideal relationship with a client is one where there is a mutual trust that we will each do what we say we will do, and one with very open lines of communication. Clients expect me to be responsive, proactive, clear in communications, and strive to build a relationship.”


“Working with clients, I find the most satisfying aspect to be helping a client solve a problem or identify how they can save some tax. It is very rewarding, knowing that I’ve perhaps helped my client achieve their goals or helped them to sleep soundly at night with the knowledge that their affairs are in safe hands. Similarly, when it comes to working with clients, the most satisfying thing for me is when I’m able to help them solve an issue or better understand a situation.”


“When it comes to communication, my preferred balance between the virtual and more ‘hands-on’ routes to working with clients, I think a flexible approach is best. Face-to-face contact is important sometimes and equally, at other times, virtual communication works well for time efficiency, particularly if a client has a quick query, or lives quite far from Leeds.”


“There’s a lot of constant monitoring in my job – namely of WIP and billing. It’s also important to manage client expectations, as it’s not helpful for anyone if clients are expecting things that are simply not possible.”


“I’m probably most excited about continuing to build solid relationships with clients. In terms of the future of Sagars, I’m keen to see the continued integration with AAB Group. I know that closer integration will only increase the pool of expertise and specialisms that we can draw from, and will provide more opportunities for all of us to learn from each other.”


“One of the AAB Group Values is that ‘Collaboration is our superpower’ – and this is definitely something I’ve felt is key at work. I have received a lot of help from colleagues in my first year with the firm, so I really understand and appreciate the power of collaborating with fellow team members.”


“I have a few years’ experience in different roles, and I have even started a business from scratch, run a team of staff, built a small business, and taken it through a sale process. So, I have some hands-on knowledge of what it is like for clients, and I think that this insight really helps me in how I support them.”


“One of the greatest compliments a client has ever given me is that I was a great listener and that they were grateful that I took the time to really understand their situation.”