Restructuring & Recovery Director



As an experienced Insolvency Practitioner, I am dedicated to assisting both individuals and businesses in overcoming financial distress. Whether it’s a struggling company burdened with mounting debts or an individual facing personal insolvency, I provide tailored solutions to help them regain control of their financial well-being.


My primary goal is to guide my clients through the complex insolvency process while minimizing the impact on their personal and professional lives. I offer comprehensive support and expert advice to ensure the most appropriate and effective solutions are implemented. By leveraging my deep knowledge of insolvency laws and regulations, I empower clients to make informed decisions that align with their unique circumstances.


I have extensive experience across various sectors, enabling me to offer specialized assistance to a wide range of businesses. From small start-ups to large corporations, I provide strategic advice, financial restructuring, and insolvency solutions tailored to the specific challenges faced by each sector. My expertise encompasses industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction, hospitality, technology, and more.


Based in the Glasgow office, David McGinness is a Director within the Restructuring and Recovery team. As an insolvency practitioner, he takes creditor and debtor led corporate and personal insolvency appointments, and monitors case progression.

Within David’s role, his specialism is in asset tracing, recovery, and sales. He has invaluable knowledge of complex insolvencies in the financial sector, along with experience of post-appointment trading and going concern business sales.

David’s extensive experience allows him to offer a sympathetic approach when discussing individuals’ financial problems. He is also known for his commercial approach in corporate insolvencies along with his strong technical knowledge.

Making a positive impact

“For me, the most fulfilling aspect of my work as an Insolvency Practitioner is witnessing the positive impact I can make on the lives of individuals and businesses facing financial turmoil. Being able to provide a lifeline to struggling companies, helping them restructure their operations and ultimately preserve jobs, brings me immense satisfaction.

Similarly, guiding individuals through personal insolvency and seeing them regain control over their finances brings a sense of fulfilment. Witnessing the transformation from financial distress to a fresh start filled with hope and renewed prospects is incredibly rewarding.”

Commitment & dedication

“With over 15 years of experience in Insolvency, I have built a reputation for my commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to client success. I pursued a career in insolvency, driven by a passion for helping others overcome financial challenges.

Throughout my career, I have successfully handled a wide range of complex cases, earning the trust of clients and peers alike. My ability to provide practical solutions while maintaining empathy and understanding has been instrumental in building lasting relationships with those I serve. I stay up to date with the latest developments in insolvency laws and regulations, ensuring that my clients receive the most accurate and effective advice.”

A compassionate approach

“I offer comprehensive support to individuals facing personal insolvency. Whether due to overwhelming debts, unemployment, or other financial hardships, I provide compassionate guidance throughout the entire process. I help individuals explore options like individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs), Protected Trust deeds, sequestration, ensuring they can rebuild their financial lives with confidence.”

Tackling the challenges

“The ability to navigate complex legal frameworks, negotiate with creditors, and devise innovative solutions is a constant source of intellectual stimulation. Every case presents a unique challenge, and finding creative ways to resolve financial difficulties keeps me motivated and passionate about my role.

Ultimately, my purpose as an Insolvency Practitioner is to empower my clients, restore their financial stability, and help them move forward with confidence.”