At AAB Group, my role varies from setting the direction and getting the Group aligned, supporting the leadership team, ensuring they have what they need to be effective, engaging the Board and connecting all the stakeholders.  


Graeme Allan is Chief Executive of the AAB Group. In Graeme’s role he is responsible for executing AAB’s strategic priorities, which includes transforming the business into a tech enabled critical business services group through driving growth both organically and by acquisition. 

Graeme works closely with the Executive team to harness the power of people and technology across AAB to build strong foundations for future growth and development of the group.  

Graeme’s expertise includes strategy, leadership and building high performing teams. 


“You may not think of the business services sector as EXCITING but the relentless pursuit of opportunities and the desire to do better tomorrow than you did today means that being Chief Exec at AAB is just that! Whether it’s working with clients on their exciting journeys or spearheading the growth of the group, no two weeks are the same.  

I truly believe in harnessing the power of our people across all our locations, so it’s important we continue building and supporting high performing teams to enable us to attract and retain the best talent. It’s my role ensure that happens by articulating the AAB story and getting people excited about the future of the firm.  

Private Equity backing means we’re able to scale more rapidly and this growth and scale opens up a huge number of opportunities for people to grow their careers in AAB. I’m dedicated to helping our people perform at their best and deliver awesome service to our clients.” 


“My focus is on AAB leading the evolution of technology in our sector. Technology will act as a catalyst for change in AAB both in our service delivery and our client experience. It’s not just about implementing technology; it’s about how we change people’s mindset to deliver services differently to benefit clients and our team.  

I’m passionate about how we optimise the combination of people and technology to enable us to offer even more support and advice to clients. Sometimes it can be the combination of good commercial awareness and using data to support that which has a huge effect on a client’s business.” 


“For me personally, I’m still constantly learning and because of our rapidly changing environment, our growth, and the growth of our clients I thrive on change and having to adapt my thinking.  

We have a clear plan and I’m here to ensure we deliver on that plan. My ability to build strong relationships, my strategic vision and resilience are the strengths I bring to this role. But to succeed, I’ve needed a strong team around me, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have great people that have and continue to support me.” 


“There is never a desire to stop or stand still. It’s about recognising the opportunities that will drive us to do more, whether it’s additional services or wider geography. This could be a 10-to-15-year project for me now that we’ve got PE backing.  

I believe that I’m the custodian of this business. It’s not just about growth, it’s about creating and leaving a business that’s in a better place than when I became Chief Executive. That’s all about creating opportunities for our clients and our team members and if everyone goes away happy, then that will be job done for me.”