High net worth individuals. Internationally mobile and non-UK domiciled individuals.


Simplifying complex aspects of UK income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax. Providing practical advice. Finding solutions that benefit clients.


Private Client Advisory team. Private Client International Tax team.


As a manager in our dedicated Private Client Tax team, Joel Nuttall undertakes tax advisory projects for a wide range of clients. This includes internationally mobile individuals, settlors and beneficiaries of offshore trusts, and family business owners looking to plan their succession and inheritance tax.

Joel also assists in the review of UK tax returns, as well as in the second review of certain complex tax returns, ensuring that clients’ UK tax reporting is up to date, and reflects as best as possible their UK tax position.

Always ensuring that clients understand their position and the legislation relevant to them, Joel is determined to find solutions that best fit each client’s particular situation.


“My ideal client relationship is one which is not solely transactional, but one where a genuine rapport – and trust – can be built. The relationships I build with clients are all about collaboration; we work together to achieve their goals and create meaningful and active communication.

With the experience I have built up over the years and the experience of the team around me, we will always work to give our clients a solution. Due to all the complex legislation within niche tax areas, I might not have the answer off the top of my head, but I take the time to research all queries thoroughly and go back to them with a workable solution and a plan that achieves their goals.”


“Ultimately, clients expect us to have their best interests at the core of the advice which we provide, to work with them to achieve their goals, and to appreciate that while tax is important, there is more to life than taxes! They also expect honesty and openness from me. They can trust that I’ll always give them my honest opinion and advice, which is based on my knowledge and experience and that of my team.”


“For me, the most satisfying aspect of working with clients is the ability to make a difference in their lives – whether that is reducing their tax liabilities, making meeting their tax obligations straightforward, assisting with succession plans, or reducing anxieties from prior reporting (or lack thereof!).

When it comes to working with my colleagues, the most satisfying part is continually learning from them (whether this is from a technical tax or a practical viewpoint – and irrespective of seniority) and learning about them. It’s great to be part of such a passionate and engaged team.”


“One of the great developments to come out of the pandemic was the wider use of virtual video calling. This has enabled us to see clients where we may previously not have done, particularly those based outside of the UK. I really value being able to see clients on a video call while talking to them, as, so often, the visual cues that can be gained on a video call are vital to overall communication.

Having said that, there is most definitely a place for face-to-face meetings and work; my view is that these are what help us really build and maintain relationships with clients long-term.”


“The ever-changing tax regime for individuals and its use as a political tool is one of the greatest challenges in my area of expertise. We now have over 20,000 pages of tax legislation! So, it is vital for us to remain informed on changes while having an eye on potential future changes. Upcoming elections, for example, always pose potential significant change – a change in government can dramatically impact the UK tax regime.

Having joined Sagars in late 2023 from a national practice I have been struck by the strength of the Private Client team. As a result, I am really excited about the future of the Private Client team in particular. Collectively, individuals in the team cover a wide range of specialist areas, including (but not limited to) HMRC investigations, trust taxation, and taxation for owner-managed businesses. These technical specialisms mixed with team members who are eager to learn represents an exciting prospect.

I’m also excited about the future of the tax advisory offering at Sagars, which is enhanced by the wider AAB network. It’s great to be able to contribute to growing a really strong private client tax advisory team in Leeds, and I’m looking forward to developing my capabilities, particularly with regards to supporting the development of more junior team members.”


“Collaboration applies in all of our work, whether working with clients – a collaborative approach to tax advice and the client’s needs results in a more tailored and specific outcome for the client. Equally, collaborative working as colleagues and the sharing of specialist knowledge and experience is vital in ensuring clients receive the right advice.”


“I pride myself on being approachable and personable, both in contact with clients and colleagues, so I would say that these are my greatest strengths.

I also like to be challenged and take satisfaction from finding the answer to something complex or that I don’t already know (which often happens in tax!). I think this is one of the traits that led to me becoming a tax advisor – it’s a career where I am always challenged and am consistently presented with questions or a problem which requires a solution.”


“At one time, I was assisting a client who was going through divorce proceedings and needed to divide up assets and consider the tax impact. He said that I had helped him take away some of the anxiety of that situation and enabled him to sleep better at night! That was really great to hear, and is a reason for why we do what we do.”


“One of my pet hates with regards to the way our profession is perceived generally is probably how offshore trusts, offshore bank accounts, and the non-UK domiciliary regime are reported in the press – in particular, the rhetoric that use of these results in decreased tax revenues (which is not always true!).”