Who I help

A portfolio of owner-managed businesses and professional practices

How I help

Business and strategic advisory work with clients. Internally, focussing on ensuring we have the right people, processes and technology to be able to do work effectively, efficiently and deliver high quality work and advice.

“We need to be authentic advisors.”

John Beevers is the Head of Professional Services. Based in our Leeds office John trained with Sagars, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 and as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 1996.

As the Head of Professional Services, John’s role is focussed on ensuring we have the strongest committed leadership team possible across all locations, we’re developing our people, we’re living our core Group values and we’re delivering for our clients. Providing an awesome service but also being proactive in our advice and cross selling other service lines to ensure we’re adding as much value to our clients as we possibly can.

Privileged position

“I believe that we need to be authentic advisors. That means we have a strong foundation of trust  in all/ every client relationship. We’re in a privileged position because we encourage our team to put a lot of time into building rapport and getting to know clients personally and in turn we’re rewarded because our clients stay with us for a long time, they see us as their trusted advisor and use as a sounding board for any important business decisions. We’ve the benefit of having seen most things before so we have a wealth of experience to guide clients through their business journeys, listening to their aspirations and taking a real interest in their businesses.”

What would you do?

“If we’re going to deliver great proactive advice and be a sounding board for clients, then we need to know their goals, big, small, achievable or not, we need to get to know them as people. Ask questions but just as easily challenge them and be challenged back. They want us to have an opinion I want my clients to be comfortable enough to ask, ‘John what would you do if you were in this situation’. I’ve been a Partner for over 20 years. That has given me a certain level of knowledge and experience working with a variety of clients, so I believe I have the knowhow to answer these questions and if I don’t? There’s someone else in the department or in the firm who will. Getting to know clients and their aspirations allows us to deliver real business advice.. At AAB clients are our passion and we live that every day.”


“It’s been an exciting time here at Sagars since our merger. I’m someone who likes to change, who enjoys the opportunities that it can bring for our team, and the merger has given us an unparalleled opportunity to deliver a service to our clients like no other. Our capabilities have expanded massively and  it’s great to be able to help people to develop their careers.”

There’s more to accountants

“The word accountant really belies all that we do. It doesn’t, I don’t think, really explain the diverse skillset we have at our disposal or the wide-ranging capabilities we have as a firm. When people think accountant, they probably imagine someone who just crunches numbers behind a desk all day, That’s not us, its really all about people,  exercising judgement, passing on the benefit of our technical expertise and years of experience ‘accountant’ doesn’t do justice to what’s in the tin.”