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Karen Thomson is a UK Payroll Director in our Payroll team.

Working across multiple AAB offices, Karen works with businesses of any size to assist them in reaching their payroll related goals, and working with the wider employment taxes team at AAB to provide clients with an all encompassing payroll and employment tax solution.


“I help my clients in all aspects of UK payroll, making sure they are fully compliant and aware of current legislation and future changes they need to prepare for. My aim is to provide my clients with all the tools they need to operate their business, and to build a relationship that is open and trusting.

Payroll is such a personal aspect of business operations, so that strong relationship is needed. My clients can rely on me for sound knowledge, honesty, respect and trust. I take great pride in being able to resolve a problem for my clients, offering an idea that has either long or short-term benefit; I like knowing I have played a valuable role in moving their business in the right direction.”


“It is so important to work together as a team to build a deep knowledge pool so individuals can continually expand their skill set whilst also supporting clients as best as they can.

I don’t hesitate to jump in with ideas that might be a little bit out there that I believe in whether with colleagues or clients. For example, a better way of doing something, and whilst I would always endeavour to be tactful, I am assertive in my approach.

Often the greatest challenge is legislation, ensuring we can deliver the changes to clients and or ask clients to do something different because of it.  In addition, our landscape is changing, as the government passes more to payroll due to our reporting capability via RTI. That’s why thinking outside the box and building knowledge is so key. Businesses have faced a difficult few years due to the pandemic and to hear clients say their business would not have survived without my help makes every hurdle I face worthwhile.”


“I believe us humans can offer the personal touch, especially when offering advice or explaining something complex such as legislation. Technology in payroll however, is vital when it comes to the processing stages, saving time and minimising human error.

My pet hate is those who say, “payroll just press a button to process payroll!”  We really don’t; buttons do get pressed but after the knowledge and expertise has been used to ensure what goes into the system is correct and compliant!

We’re lucky within the payroll and employment taxes team that we have a group of skilled individuals who produce bespoke tech focused solutions for clients, meaning they are getting the most efficient solutions offered to them.”


“I’m really excited about where my journey with AAB will take me. I know I am going to thrive here.

I am a very positive and expressive person.  I am a sponge for knowledge, especially anything to do with payroll, employment law and benefits in kind legislation. I am a collaborative person by nature and enjoy a good debate, albeit I am not afraid to make a decision where consultation hasn’t taken place!  I enjoy helping people and sharing any knowledge and or skills I have with others.

All these attributes, I believe, make me a perfect fit for AAB. The Group’s investment in people and technology is something I am over the moon to be a part of.”

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