AAB Group Teams.


Teambuilding. Efficiency. Team Integration. Career Pathway Development.


Mark Perry is AAB’s Chief People Officer. Working with all teams across the AAB Group, Mark ensures the Group is working together effectively and efficiently, helping people throughout the Group to achieve their potential in an environment of care and compassion.


“AAB is going through a period of rapid growth and my role is to link the different teams and services throughout the Group in order to unlock their potential.

AAB provides unmatched opportunities for teams. The Group has a strong entrepreneurial zeal and working with the team to develop more opportunities is at the heart of my role. By working with the wider team, my aim is to create connections that unlock continually excellent performance throughout the group, and this directly feeds into individual career paths.

The most satisfying part of my role is when people achieve their goals – nothing beats that feeling of someone being part of a team reaching a landmark. As the Group grows, so too do the opportunities for individuals at AAB to explore new opportunities for their career, and its really rewarding to help someone achieve their goals.”


“We are in a period of high-growth and that brings exciting opportunities but can also bring challenges. Our aim is to continually strive to leverage the resources of a large firm, while retaining the close relationships of a smaller team.  There is nothing more important to the Group than our people, and I’m in a very fortunate position to help the AAB Group teams achieve their full potential.

AAB’s future is so exciting. We have such a great team and helping them deliver the future of the Group is a privilege. Seeing people working as a team to deliver innovative client solutions, develop their skills and support one another has to be one of the best roles around!”


“Traditional HR can be seen as the police of a business, but this perception is wrong and outdated. Modern People and Culture teams are at the heart of unlocking fantastic performance and it’s our job deliver the day to day in order to make sure everyone knows they can come to us for help, and that we are also constantly working away in the background to make sure their working environment is serving them well.

When someone tells me they have achieved their target and that I or my team helped, that feels amazing. It is our ultimate goal. I care deeply about the people I work with, and always approach a situation positively. My experience as a coach is invaluable to my role as I am such a people person.”


Although my role is all about people; performance, integration, ambitions; there is such a direct relationship to technology and how we can utilise this to achieve all of the above.

AAB is so forward thinking when it comes to this approach. We’re always exploring ways in which we can use technology to improve our team’s experience. From the way in which we execute the day job, to the way in which we navigate the art of the possible, technology is a foundation of our approach.”