Entrepreneurs. Family Businesses. High Net Worth Individuals and Families.  


Head of the Private Client team for AAB providing Holistic Tax Advice and Bespoke Tax Solutions. 


Across All Sectors. Private Client Team. Family Business Team.  


Paula Fraser is a Tax Partner and our Head of Private Client for the group. With a background in entrepreneurial and private client tax, she deals with entrepreneurs, family businesses, high net worth individuals and families, providing them with holistic tax advice and bespoke solutions to their individual needs.

As well as heading up the Private client team, Paula also sits on the Family Business team. She believes clients enjoy working with her because she is honest, and stays calm and level-headed, even in the most difficult circumstances.


“Anyone can sell tax advice, but not everyone makes it relevant. To provide the very best service to my clients, I have to get to know them, get to know their families, and understand the dynamics at play. I need  them to open up and talk about what they actually want to achieve.  

My aim is to be a trusted adviser and to build relationships that can stand the test of time. They may span generations if I’m doing succession planning or inheritance tax planning. So yes, I give tax advice, but it’s always relationship-driven and relevant – because this is about real people and their family wealth.” 


“Naturally, clients expect me to have a high level of knowledge and expertise in my field. But I think they’re looking for more than that. They want someone who is proactive – always thinking one step ahead. And they want someone who will be honest. I always tell clients how it is –  and perhaps I have my Yorkshire roots to thanks for that.” 


“One thing I find incredibly rewarding is seeing a big project through to its conclusion. And knowing that I’ve helped that family or that person achieve their goals financially. There’s a real sense of achievement when a plan comes to fruition.  

When I’m working with an individual or a family, I feel a huge sense of responsibility to ensure that everyone gets what they desire. And that all parties are comfortable with what’s happening. That’s why I always try to work with as many stakeholders as possible – because it’s not just the people who hold the shares or the wealth that my advice will affect. It’s often the wider family too.” 


“I’ve worked for other accountancy firms, including some of the biggest names out there. But I like the fact that AAB is a little bit smaller. There’s less hierarchy here, and that means it’s easier to make decisions and get things done faster. It’s that agility that really appealed to me.  

I also think it’s such an incredible time to work here. There’s so much going on and it really feels like we’re at the start of something interesting. Something different. And as we win more work, we have the opportunity to grow our teams. It’s about building on the reputation that’s already established. And the more the reputation builds, the more we’ll keep on winning work. I find that intriguing and very, very exciting.”