Restructuring & Recovery Partner



A range of businesses including construction, hospitality, retail and beyond.


Take a considered and pragmatic approach to finding innovative solutions to complex insolvency issues, to achieve the best outcome for companies, stakeholders and individual in financial distress.

“achieve the best possible outcome.”

Seamas Keating is a Partner in our Restructuring & Recovery team, with significant experience supporting businesses from a range of sectors across the island of Ireland, North and South of the Irish border, in the UK and further afield.

Seamas is a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner in both the UK and Ireland and has acted on a significant number of corporate insolvency appointments across various sectors. Acting on numerous IVAs, Seamas has developed a niche offering utilising voluntary arrangements as a mechanism to facilitate the restructure of large property investors and developers in Northern Ireland. This has proved to be an excellent tool used to positively resolve complex property situations for both individual debtors and their lenders alike.


“When clients come to us, they often have the world on their shoulders. They’re suddenly faced with the potential loss of jobs for hundreds, or thousands of employees, their livelihood as they know it is at stake, and they weigh themselves down with the responsibility of making everything better overnight. As much as we would love that to be the case, these next steps are a marathon, not a sprint. It’s important that clients accept where they are now and work with us to move forward and achieve the best possible outcome.”


“Every client I work with is different, but their expectations are often the same and that’s for us to work credibly, honestly, and ethically. No matter how difficult a job is, it’s important to remember that we’re all human, so compassion is important to make a difficult conversation that bit easier.”


“The doors to more rescue options for corporations and individuals alike are endless when advice is sought as early as possible. However, when circumstances don’t allow this to be the case, our hub of expertise within the AAB Group allows us to take control at short notice. We’ll always be honest with our clients and in these situations where time isn’t on our side, we’ll not hold back on the home truths, there’s no time for sugar coating if we want to find a solution.”


“The job I do is often perceived as quite a negative one, where I can understand why due to the decisions we have to make and situations we have to resolve, I definitely get a kick out of giving someone their life back. They’re the moments we work hard for and to see them become a reality is hugely rewarding. As far as positive feedback goes, a personal favourite is:

“We’d be lost without your support. Don’t take it personally, you’re a nice fella and all, but I never want to see you in a professional capacity again.” – To that I say, that’s fair enough.”