Business Advisory Group Senior Manager


Who I help

Owner-managed businesses. Property companies. Family investment companies.

How I help

Accounts management. Business advisory. Tax advisory. Tax returns. All-round support.


Construction & Property. Works closely with the Personal Tax team.

“Clients know they can come to me with anything – I’m their first port of call.”

As a Senior Manager in our Business Advisory team, Sharon Ryan looks after a portfolio of clients that is mostly made up of limited companies, with a few partnerships as well.

Sharon’s role is varied and wide-reaching. She ensures that all deadlines are met and that accounts are done on time and with total accuracy. She also advises clients on issues such as tax liabilities, management accounts, and returns. Essentially, she oversees everything the team does for her clients.

Sharon develops strong, positive, longstanding relationships with her clients and is their first port of call should any questions or issues arise. Getting to know her clients as thoroughly as she does also gives Sharon the insight needed to offer any help in other areas or services that may be useful to them.

Sharon is also directly involved in training the team at Sagars and supporting their professional development.


“One of the benefits of being part of AAB is that we now have access to a broad range of specialists. There are now far more opportunities to refer to and liaise with teams and individuals with expertise outside of our immediate team. This is fantastic both for our clients, as it means we’re able to recommend more services in-house that they might benefit from and answer more complex, niche questions, but also for our people, who have the opportunity to learn from a wider range of specialists.”


“An ideal relationship with a client is one where you build up that trust and become their first port of call for any issues or queries that they may have. It’s great when they value your opinion on things, appreciate what you do, and most of all, know that they can come to you with anything. Having that trust and openness is key.”


“Clients of course expect the basics to all be done – accounts filed, advice given, etc. – with total accuracy and well within deadlines. For some clients, this is the only priority really but with others, they want to be a bit more involved and make use of the broader support that we offer. They know they can call us any time and we’ll be there to offer advice or answers on anything that might crop up.”


“It’s really nice when clients are appreciative of what we do, and the work we put in to give them the absolute best service. We try to go above and beyond for our clients, and it’s great when we get confirmation of what we set out to do – to provide excellent service and to give them peace of mind! We want our clients to be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing everything is in hand. I recently had a client who I did a lot of work for, who emailed me to say that they were really grateful for everything we had done for them and that it “felt good to be in a safe pair of hands with Sagars.” That was great to hear, as that is exactly what we always strive to be for our clients.”


“It’s such a nice team at Sagars; people are always willing to help you out with anything, and give their opinions and advice on any issues. The team is so supportive. Every time I’ve ever asked anybody a question, they’ve always taken the time to chat it through with me, which isn’t a guarantee at every firm. With our younger staff, I like that they’re happy to come to me if they’ve got questions. It’s great to see how they develop and to be able to watch their progress.”


“I think pre-pandemic, a lot of people would have scoffed at the idea of regular Teams calls and online meetings, but it’s been so helpful in a lot of ways. Even now when it’s less of a ‘need’, it can still be a lot more efficient and convenient for people. The great thing is that we have options now. Some clients still prefer to have that face-to-face, in-person contact, which I think really helps when it comes to building relationships. But it’s nice to know that they can also just fire over a quick email when they need to. I’m more than happy to adapt to however the client prefers to conduct their communication!”


“We are always here for our clients – that is the most important thing, providing what they need, getting everything done promptly and with thoroughness and precision. Of course, there are challenges – for example, keeping up with everchanging legislation, keeping on top of the admin, and navigating the red tape – but it’s all worth it when clients are happy with the work we do for them. Clients are 100% our passion.”


“I like to think that I’m approachable and dependable. People – colleagues and clients alike – know they can come to me with any issue or query (‘there are no stupid questions!’) and I’ll help them. I’ve also been doing this for four decades, so I know what I’m talking about! Having that wealth of experience to draw from means I’m calm in the face of any problems that may arise; there isn’t much I haven’t seen at this point.”