Private Client Senior Manager 


Who I help 

Individuals. Corporations. Company owners. High net worth families. Family investment companies.  

How I help 

Capital Gains Tax. Tax planning. Inheritance Tax planning. Pension planning and tax-related advice. Will structuring. Business succession planning. Pre-sale planning. Business Property Relief. Agricultural Property Relief. 


Farming & agriculture. Construction & Property. 

Works with the Corporate Tax Advisory team, Business Advisory Services, and AAB Wealth. 


Steve Roberts is a Senior Manager within our dedicated Private Client team. He provides top-class private client tax and advisory services to his clients. These services include support with various aspects of tax and tax planning, as well as planning pensions, Wills, and business successions.  

Steve advises corporations, with those in the dentistry field being a specialist area, and he enjoys looking after the affairs of various generations of high net worth families. He also specialises in doing advisory work for people in the farming sector, helping them with business property relief and presale planning. 

For more complex cases or those that may need an extra review, Steve undertakes significant and in-depth research. He also spends time developing more junior members of staff, training them, and coaching them to help their technical and career progress. Developing strong relationships with both clients and colleagues is foundational to Steve’s approach to his work. 


“The ideal relationship, for me, is one where I’m the first person to whom they bring any problem they might have. It’s great to be the first person they think of when they need help and advice; the person they trust most with these kinds of issues, and the person who they can trust will always be on the other end of the phone when they call, and guide them through whatever it is they may need guiding through.” 


“If I had to sum up in two words what I always hope to be for my clients and what they expect me to be, it’s ‘trusted advisor’. Besides the obvious things like confidentiality and technical knowledge and ability, clients expect openness and honesty, and they expect the best practical advice. They expect us to always have their best interests in mind.” 


“One of the most obviously satisfying parts of working with clients is when we get that ‘thank you’ from a client who’s really pleased with the work we’ve done, as well as when clients refer us to another family member or friend.  

There’s a particularly satisfying element of relief when you’re helping somebody out and you can see that you’ve eased their stress or taken away a burden for them.  

Clients put a lot of trust and faith in us, so when you see that peace of mind – that you’ve helped create – descend on them because they know they’re well looked after, that’s a really great feeling.” 


“In terms of working with colleagues, the most satisfying aspect for me is watching people who I’ve helped and coached progress in their careers, and their confidence. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to deliver good feedback to more junior members of staff when they have done a great job. I also like being able to help identify areas for them to work on to reach that next promotion for example, or move on to that next stage.  

I like being the first person my colleagues think to go to when they have a question or a problem. It’s nice being regarded as a trusted colleague, and being thought of as approachable, supportive, and dependable. Everyone on the team knows I’ll always make time for them if they need any help at all.” 


“If I were to describe my preference in communicating with clients, it’s very much flexible. I’m happy to move between the more virtual and the more ‘hands-on’ routes to working with clients, and to just fit with the individual client’s needs and style. I have plenty of clients who communicate almost exclusively by email, but there are still plenty who want to receive a letter in the post. So, it really is just really down to what works best for the client. 

Having the option of using technology like Teams calls to communicate is fantastic, as I help people all over the country and occasionally overseas. So, sometimes it’s a necessity. You may not get as much of the more subtle things out of a Teams call as you would from a face-to-face meeting, but it for efficiency’s sake, it’s often worth it.” 


“The greatest challenge in what I do is probably the time pressure. We’ll often have several major projects that all need to be done within a short timeframe, which means it’s really important to be able to manage that workload effectively. Another aspect of staying ahead of the game and on top of things is ensuring that you have the right people working at the right level on projects. So, spending plenty of time training and developing our people so that they can handle various aspects of projects is key.” 


“The greatest strengths I bring to Sagars are probably my 20+ years of experience in advising clients, my ability to rise to a challenge, and my ability to enthuse colleagues and clients. I think I’m good at being able to bring them with me on the journey, and my approachability really helps in this too. Both clients and colleagues all know they can turn to me if they need any help at all.” 

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