Charities & not-for-profit

Your organisation can benefit from a wealth of local knowledge and, thanks to our membership of Accelerate, access to some of the country’s leading charity experts. There’s plenty of information here about the sector specific support we can provide but please get in touch with Susan Seaman, Ali Jones or Helen Daniels on 0113 297 6789 to talk about how we can help you.

With our experience of working with charities and not-for-profit organisations, Sagars is well placed to understand and support you in dealing with the particular challenges of additional regulations, public scrutiny and diverse stakeholders which will undoubtedly be familiar to you.

All of our charity and not-for-profit clients naturally have access to our core services, alongside the tailored support that we can provide to specifically meet the needs of this sector, including:

VAT and tax planning can be a minefield for a charitable organisation – particularly if there are any changes in activities or operations. We can help you to plan ahead or deal with ad hoc queries as they arise.

Registered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales to carry on audit work in the UK, Sagars meets all of the specific auditor requirements set out by the Charity Commission – such as knowledge of the charity accounting and reporting framework and an understanding of the additional statutory duties imposed on charity auditors.

We’re experienced and efficient in carrying out audits specific to particular grant or other income funding streams – such as ESF funding.

It’s vital for an organisation to consider, in a structured way, the challenges and opportunities it faces and develop strategies and plans to address them. We can facilitate a strategic planning day with your trustees and senior management to help you plan for future survival and success.

Often it’s important that appropriate, manageable risks are taken to further the organisation’s aims and objectives. We can help you to develop a risk management framework and to determine the ”risk appetite” of the Board. Importantly, we can also review (and/or test) your governance and internal controls set up and put a practical action plan in place to implement improvements.

We can provide training for your staff and trustees on relevant financial, governance and taxation matters including:

  • governance issues
  • correctly administering VAT
  • application of Gift Aid and payroll giving.

We’re also able to help you to address other challenges and opportunities often faced by organisations in the charitable/not-for-profit sector, for example:

  • how best to co-ordinate activities/share good ideas across different branches
  • coping with an increasing regulatory burden
  • tackling the absence of (or delayed) management information
  • reducing time wasting and resources.