International services

If you need support with international matters, contact partner Kate Naylor to find out how our expertise can help. Call 0113 297 6825 or email

Whatever cross border dimensions there are to your business dealings, our global tax specialists can provide invaluable support with local tax compliance and strategic planning matters.

Whether you’re involved in a one-off overseas project, trading with other countries or you have foreign parent companies or subsidiaries, the complexity of your tax affairs is undoubtedly enhanced by the international dimension.

Our membership of Accelerate and Crowe Horwath International means we can access worldwide expertise on your behalf and play a pivotal role in helping you to ensure that your foreign business interests are internationally tax-efficient and compliant.

Accelerate is a community of relationship-focused, technology-driven, value-based accounting firms. Accelerate is a Business Associate of Crowe Global, meaning we can access accounting firms in more than 130 countries throughout the world.

Our partners also attend the CPAmerica International group meetings in the USA to access and contribute to a range of business development, training and learning opportunities that improve our international working capabilities. To find out how you can benefit from our international services, please call Kate Naylor or Chris Jones on 0113 297 6789.