Business help

There are lots of ways we can provide bespoke support to your business. Contact our business consultant, Ali Jones, to find out how we can help you. Call 0113 297 6801 or email

Helping our business clients to deal with their most pressing business challenges is fundamental to our approach and services. Involving an experienced and practical specialist business adviser can bring rewards that are both substantial and unexpected. One thing business owners typically lack is time – particularly quality time to think about the longer term strategic direction and focus of the business. An “outsider” certainly won’t have all the answers. However, knowing from experience which questions to ask, bringing a fresh perspective together with knowledge and ideas from a range of other businesses and enabling that intense focus on strategy, direction and performance always generates positive change.

Some examples of the ways our clients can benefit from our support include:

  • A strategic review
  • Board support
  • An operations review
  • Governance and risk management reviews.

Also have a look at our family businesses section for other specific ways we can help.

A strategic review provides a comprehensive snapshot and critical assessment of your business. A key outcome is to identify actions and improvements to strengthen your business and enable it to better deliver its objectives. Follow it up with a strategic planning session with key members of your team and/or regular follow up action review sessions, and the benefits can multiply.

The vast majority of successful businesses (of all sizes) hold regular, structured management meetings. We can attend your meetings in whatever role will be most useful to you – adviser, challenger, facilitator or chair.

Our full operations review includes management team discussions, surveying some of your customers, looking at your systems and procedures (in theory and practice) and talking to the people who do the work. Importantly, we’ll consider the financial impact of what you do and explore ideas for different ways of working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations and enhance your customers’ experience of dealing with you.

Sharing the key findings with you, we’ll provide practical help in developing a specific action plan that addresses any issues and takes advantage of the opportunities. Crucially, we’ll regularly follow up with you and your team to monitor (and encourage) progress.

We can review your governance set up and recommend any best practice changes. We’ll assess your wider approach to risk management (an area which many businesses dangerously neglect) and if needed, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive risk management approach and to ensure that effective risk management is embedded in everything your business does.