Business help & advisory

There are lots of ways we can advise you on your decisions and provide strategic and practical support to help you achieve your goals. Contact our business consultant, Ali Jones, to find out how we can help you. Call 0113 297 6801 or email

Involving an experienced and practical specialist adviser in your business can bring rewards that are both substantial and unexpected. One thing business owners typically lack is time – particularly quality time to think about the longer term strategic direction and focus of their business. An “outsider” won’t have all the answers but knowing from experience which questions to ask and bringing a fresh perspective, together with knowledge and ideas from a range of other businesses, can enable that intense focus on strategy, direction and performance to generate positive change.

Some of the ways we support our clients to achieve their goals include:

It’s not always easy to find a trusted, expert ear to listen to your ideas, concerns or opportunities – but we can do just that, wherever and whenever you need us. And, we can add value by bringing our experience and expertise to your meetings to act as adviser, challenger, facilitator or chair. Whether you need us at the end of the phone or sat around your boardroom table, you can rely on us to be there and be the critical friend you need to advise you on your decisions.

A forward looking and action focused assessment of your business from the outside in. A process designed to help you build value in your business, whatever your plans for the next 3-5 years. Depending on the size and complexity of your business, and the availability of your key people, this thorough process usually takes between 1.5 – 6 days, over a 2-3 weeks period and is hosted at our offices, away from the distractions of your own business.

Each operations review is bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements but would typically include:

  • Initial meetings with owners and key directors, using tailored questionnaires and interviews to understand personal goals, roles, responsibilities and strategic priorities
  • Review of existing strategy, plans and actions, including gaining an understanding of how you transform plans into actions and outputs
  • Headline market positioning and competitor analysis
  • “Outside in” view of the business to determine what factors influence its value for any potential future succession or sale plans, and the impact of financial performance on future plans
  • Identification of actions you can take to: capitalise on market opportunities; improve risk management; address specific challenges raised; optimise business performance
  • Summary report and presentation of findings
  • Facilitated meeting with directors to discuss findings and agree actions to move the business forward.

A 2-3 hours structured session, informed by your existing management information and plans, taking a systematic and strategic look at what else you can do to grow your business more profitably by identifying action areas that will make the biggest difference. We’ll share approaches to action planning, systemisation and accountability which can help you turn plans and aspirations into reality.

Step away from your day-to-day pressures and distractions for one day and take advantage of our guidance at our offices to invest time in:

  • Reviewing your personal goals
  • Agreeing your business purpose/core focus/uniques
  • Revisiting the business's recent performance
  • Understanding what's working well and what isn't
  • Identifying issues and opportunities
  • Considering your “accountability chart” - do you have the right people accountable for the right things?
  • Discussing effective ways to implement actions and gain traction within your business.

Depending on where your business is now, this may be building on existing work you’ve done to develop business plans, strategies and action plans.

Committing to regular 1-3 hours sessions is a powerful way to really help your business gain momentum and achieve your goals. We’ll bring an outside perspective (but one that understands your business) to act as a critical friend, helping you on an on-going basis to:

  • Review your recent business performance
  • Understand what's working well and what isn't
  • Identify issues and opportunities
  • Use all the evidence, insights and analysis (from your regular management information) to make better business decisions
  • Agree your priorities and update your action plan so the business keeps moving towards its goals.