Corporate finance

Ali Jones is our corporate finance partner, contact her to find out how we can support you in your business transactions by calling 0113 297 6801 or email

We have a very straightforward and grounded attitude to corporate finance at Sagars. There’s no smoke and mirrors, no glory hunting, just a sensible, experienced approach to support you through what are likely to be major decisions for your business.

Particularly in this changeable economic climate, exactly what finance is available and who’s prepared to lend or invest is something of a moveable feast. We keep on top of all these developments so you can be sure you’re getting access to the most appropriate sources of finance available.

Importantly, we involve our tax experts with any transaction to make sure we effectively balance commercial considerations with the tax consequences.

If you’re raising finance, we can:

  • assess your financing needs and possible solutions
  • help you develop a business plan targeted at lenders and investors
  • identify, approach and negotiate with potential funders on your behalf.

If you’ve identified a business you’d like to buy, we can:

  • approach and negotiate with target owners on your behalf
  • help you to develop a business plan targeted at the people with the money to lend or invest
  • work with you to fully assess your target
  • coordinate other professionals on both sides
  • project manage the entire acquisition process and support you through what can be a roller-coaster ride
  • support you with post-acquisition business planning for successful integration and ongoing performance of your new business.

If you’re selling all or part of your business, we can:

  • help you to prepare your business for sale to maximise its value
  • identify and assess potential buyers
  • prepare documents and information to effectively ”market” the business
  • advise on sales strategy, maintaining confidentiality and negotiations
  • help to ensure that you don’t ”take your eyes off the ball” in the midst of a potential sale
  • project manage the entire sale process and support you through the inevitable ups and downs
  • and of course, help you plan to deal with the proceeds in the most tax-efficient manner!