Kate Naylor is our corporate tax partner, get in touch with her to talk about how we can help you with your business and international tax issues. Call 0113 297 6825 or email

For help and support with personal tax matters, speak to partner Fergus Beadle on 0113 297 6737 or email

Our tax expertise and experience is a real strength. We’re extremely proud of our award winning team for beating off tough competition from the Big 4 and national firms to win Accountancy Age's Tax Team of the Year; the Society of Trusts & Estates Practitioners Accountancy Team of the Year and Taxation Magazine's Best General Tax Practice... all in one year! To top it all, the Chartered Institute of Taxation recognised our unprecedented achievement with a special award.

We act as tax technical adviser to a national network of other accountancy firms. This appointment is a testament to our current expertise and is a great way to ensure that we continually encounter an extensive range of different tax problems and situations which we can draw on to benefit our own clients.

This means that by choosing Sagars ahead of (say) a nationally known name, you’ll benefit from a similarly high and wide ranging level of technical knowledge, whilst enjoying a truly personal service... and probably getting much better value for money. Indeed, we also act for a number of larger firms who prefer to appoint a big name to carry out their audit but choose us to provide specialist tax advice.

We have dedicated specialists in the following areas:

Common tax issues that we work through with our clients include:

  • deciding on the most appropriate business structure (sole trader, LLP, company etc.)
  • tax-efficient restructuring of business interests
  • retirement or exit planning
  • share option schemes
  • making the most of available business tax reliefs
  • tax-efficient ways of remunerating partners and employees.

Our clients can rely on us to help with all aspects of business tax compliance, such as:

  • preparing unincorporated business accounts to complete a tax return
  • preparing corporation tax returns
  • advising on payment due dates and how much to pay
  • dealing with general HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) matters
  • providing advice and support to deal with HMRC investigations.

Most people want to minimise the amount of tax they pay and offload the worry and hassle of dealing with their own taxation affairs. We help our clients to do just that.

We look after the personal taxation needs of over 2,000 people – they’re a diverse bunch and you’ll be in good company alongside international sports stars, high profile entertainers, well known families and members of the Times Rich List.

The personal taxation regime is extremely complex and the rules around capital and income taxes change constantly so it’s vitally important that you know how much you have to pay and when to pay it.

To ensure that our clients get the very best advice, we work closely with our business team members and any third party advisers to share information and take everything into account – business and investment interests, any overseas activities, family circumstances and future plans.

VAT and payroll taxes are complex areas that are often misinterpreted. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to accumulate interest and penalty charges that are avoidable given the right advice.

Take advantage of our fixed fee health checks – a review of your records, systems and overall indirect tax position, alerts to problem areas, recommendations for improvements and the option of practical help with implementation.

You can outsource your entire payroll to our dedicated team or seek our help with any aspects of your PAYE administration.

Our VAT specialists are led by an ex-senior HMRC officer – they don’t simply know the law, they know how HMRC will seek to apply it. On the face of it VAT is very simple – but in practice it’s incredibly complex and can be difficult to interpret and apply.

Another potential pitfall is that VAT is a “transactional tax” – if you miss the opportunity to plan in advance for the VAT consequences of a transaction before you actually do it, it may be too late.

We can advise and support you whether you’ve got a straightforward question about how you should be accounting for VAT, you’re looking for advice about VAT planning in a complex transaction, or you’re facing a VAT enquiry or investigation.

Whatever cross border dimensions there are to your business dealings, our global tax specialists can provide invaluable support with local tax compliance and strategic planning matters.

Whether you’re involved in a one-off overseas project, trading with other countries or you have foreign parent companies or subsidiaries to consider, the complexity of your tax affairs is undoubtedly enhanced by the international dimension.

Our membership of Accelerate and Crowe Horwath International means we can access worldwide expertise on your behalf and play a pivotal role in helping you to ensure that your foreign business interests are internationally tax-efficient and compliant.

Accelerate is a community of relationship-focused, technology-driven, value-based accounting firms. Accelerate is a Business Associate of Crowe Global, meaning we can access accounting firms in more than 130 countries throughout the world.

Our partners also attend the CPAmerica International group meetings in the USA to access and contribute to a range of business development, training and learning opportunities that improve our international working capabilities.