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What Our Clients Say

We believe that the best proof we can offer of the quality of our services are the words of our own clients. Read below to find out what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

Louise Handley, Partner, 3volution

“It’s been an exciting journey so far in the creation and establishment of 3volution as a well regarded boutique law firm in Leeds. And I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to Sagars for being with us every step of the way.

At the outset, we wanted to find advisers who would fit with our principles: Approachable. Individual. Straightforward. And Sagars have certainly proved to be an excellent match.

From strategic tax advice, practice and tax compliance work, liaising with our bankers, reviewing our systems, helping us to recruit a cashier and looking after the partners’ personal tax affairs (and no doubt much more) the Sagars team has done it all. There’s always someone happy to help us at the end of the phone, even if our usual contacts aren’t around when we call – and that’s a real time saver and avoids much frustration.

I think it says a lot that I’m more than happy to recommend Sagars to our own clients and contacts, and often do.

We enjoy working with you (I think that’s reciprocated too!) and I hope that Sagars will continue to advise and support us for many years to come.”

Andy Wilcock, Andresa

“Our accounts used to be compiled by a third-party in Sage and, although we never doubted the accuracy of the end result, we had little visibility of what was actually going on. The switch to Xero and ReceiptBank has been quite a revelation for us.

There was a steep, but short, learning curve to understand what had to be done. Sagars structured and delivered the training for this very well and this was the key to the shortness of the learning curve. We are now able to do our own book-keeping with minimal external support. The amount of work for us is not much different, but  the real-time visibility of how our accounts are developing is a huge boost to understanding the financial performance of our business.

With Sagars’ support we can make sensible, timely decisions with little additional input or effort. No more having to run, and keep updated, separate spreadsheets to monitor various elements of business performance.

We are very pleased we made the change!”

Helen Kernaghan, School Business Manager, Belmont Grosvenor School

“Belmont Grosvenor School has been a Sagars client for many years and during that time we’ve relied the Sagars team for expert audit and accounts advice.

We were particularly impressed with the cash flow and special work that they provided to help us secure financial support and we’ve always known that we can pick up the phone to ask them for help and know that we’ll get it quickly, willingly and accurately.

The team were particularly helpful when the school appointed a number of new members to the board of Governors.

We look forward to helping keep them all busy for many more years to come and continuing our on-going relationship with Sagars LLP.”

Warren Spencer, Blackhurst Budd LLP

“I’m fairly sure that Sagars had never dealt with the simultaneous merger of four different solicitors firms before meeting us (I know I’ve never heard of anyone else undertaking such a feat), but it was certainly not a situation that phased you!

It was far from easy, but the Sagars team guided us through the inevitable pitfalls and emotive issues of a four sided merger, with a sensible and logical approach. Whilst the issues were complex and varied (from WIP treatment, strategy, tax and accounting problems), you gave us straightforward and easy to understand explanations and advice.

The fact that you’re based in Leeds and we’re in Blackpool has never been an issue – indeed it says a lot that we couldn’t find a better firm than you closer to home.

Now that we’re established as a single firm, the on-going advice and support from Sagars continues to prove very valuable and we look forward to a long and successful working relationship in the years to come.”

Jonathan Asquez, Gordons LLP

“I am always certain that if I am working alongside Sagars, the technical advice will be watertight and the client will receive excellent service. I am happy to refer my clients to you because I am confident that their affairs will be in safe hands.

Over the years I have worked with a good number of Sagars team members and the common thread is the feeling that I am working with genuine people who really seem to care about their clients. The phrase “it’s a pleasure doing business with you” is one that I feel is particularly appropriate with regards to our relationship.”

Peter Gilman, Chairman, GMI Group

“The business relationship between the GMI Group and Sagars has been in existence for over 40 years and I’ve always valued your advice and been grateful that you update me and bring forward new tax planning ideas.

As a result of the recent completion of the share capital reduction, I am now able to access funds tax efficiently and once again, am reminded of your worth.

When business affairs are as extensive and complex as mine are, it is very reassuring to know that I can always rely on you.”

Neil Wilson, Managing Partner, Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors

“It’s been a busy and challenging three years since we appointed Sagars to support us through significant and strategic change with the aim of stabilising and growing Chadwick Lawrence for the future.

When we employ lawyers we look for individuals with personality who are approachable, understand our business needs and those of our clients. People who are capable of conversing in plain English but who are skilled and confident in their approach. Those who will do what they say within the timescale that they agree – understandably, we expect the same from our advisers and Sagars absolutely deliver.

Maintaining a sound financial footing is crucial for our growth and development and it’s reassuring to have Sagars as part of our team assisting with strict financial control, decreasing borrowings and increasing profitability.

Beyond the numbers, we value their input on range of broader practice management matters and benefit from their experience and expertise around business structure, succession and much, much more.

We have driven significant change through our business in the last three years and we continue to do so. Sagars have been by our side every step of the way and we have built a very strong relationship with them. Chadwick Lawrence has big ambitions and we’re confident that, with Sagars on our side, we will continue to achieve success. I certainly recommend their services.”

Jonathon E. Lyons

“Sagars have looked after my accounts and tax requirements for longer than I care to remember… Sagars have now dealt with three generations of my family, starting with my late grandfather Samuel Henry Lyons and I feel still that it the firm is part of my family.

I think it’s fair to say that I do a good job of keeping you all busy – from sorting out the complexities of my personal tax position to keeping my various businesses in check and dealing with the ins and outs of the charitable trust.

Because Sagars have advised me on both my personal and corporate affairs for a number of years, I’ve encountered quite a few of your people and it’s always been a pleasure. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with has been professional and eager to help, not to mention friendly – even under pressure. The service I’ve received has been second to none and your recent visit to see me in London was in particular very much appreciated.

The length of my relationship with Sagars should say it all really, and long may it continue.”

Philip Davenport, Davenport Printers

“I just wanted to put in writing my appreciation for the great work that Sagars do for me and the company. Describing the firm as ‘”pro-active” doesn’t really do Sagars justice.

As a printer, know just how long ink takes to dry and I’m sure the newly rewritten tax law would still have been in danger of smudging when you spotted the opportunity to achieve the  company buy back of shares we’ve long wanted to do – without the massive tax  charge which had loomed on the horizon.

The technical knowledge of the Sagars team is impressive (and I say that with my qualified accountant’s hat on). Just as importantly, you know just how and when to apply it.

You know that you can count on me to say what I think, and I can genuinely say that I enjoy doing business with everyone I’ve come across at Sagars. I look forward to many future years working with you.”

Catherine West, Panintelligence

“Moving finance systems is never a job you look forward to, but converting to Xero was a smooth transition largely due to the great training and support we received from Sagars and the capabilities of Xero which make the conversion as efficient and trouble free as can be hoped for. We have found Xero to be very intuitive, requiring little training, good on reporting and provides lots of time saving automation e.g. auto bank reconciliation and monthly invoicing. We are pleased we made the move and are finding daily business tasks much quicker, easier and very straight forward. Sagars have supported us throughout the process and continue to do, although we find, just three months on that we require very little in the way of support which is testament to how easy the system is to use.”

Ian Gray, Celerity Business Development

“As long as I need an accountant, I won’t be going anywhere else.”

Karen Byram, Group Financial Controller, Killgerm Group Limited 

“Killgerm operates in the UK and overseas in Germany, Belgium, Spain, America and various other countries, so having professional advisers like Sagars with international reach and connections is invaluable.  It makes perfect sense for us to have one, reliable UK based provider for audit, accountancy, tax and VAT advice – the bonus with Sagars is that they can also advise us about the tax consequences of operating in different countries.  In recent years Killgerm has achieved good business growth and faced tough challenges.  Working alongside our own, strong internal finance function to assist, support and challenge us, Sagars have delivered genuine business advice that’s looked beyond our numbers and helped us to maximise our business performance.”

  • It is sadly all too rare these days to find firms who are prepared to take that extra time to really understand what can make a difference to their clients… Sagars are clearly different and the holistic view taken of our affairs is greatly valued.

    Richard Search, Director, William G Search Limited

  • “Thanks so much for getting this done in such a short space of time and for saving me so much money! I’m really impressed with the service I’ve received from Sagars.”

    Sarah Jones QC, Pump Court Chambers

  • “This is some kind of wizardry the like of which I have never seen before!  It’s quite amazing, now that I (almost) know what I am doing.”

    Tom Bottomley, Director, Moorcroft