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  1. Blog19th Feb 2024

    HMRC’s ‘One to Many’ Campaign – Targeting Undeclared Dividends

    HMRC are now issuing letters to business owners under a ‘One to Many’ letter campaign to target undeclared dividends payments. HMRC have been looking at company reserves and have noted that some are reducing but no dividends are being declared…

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  2. Blog16th Aug 2023

    Value Added Tax – a basic guide to the indirect tax for sole traders

    When many people think of VAT, they think of the extra charge on clothes, petrol and everyday items. However, those that are self-employed and/or run a business, may be required to get involved with VAT more than they would otherwise…

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  3. Blog15th May 2023

    Laura Moore, Indirect Tax Manager who wrote a blog about 50 Years of VAT

    50 Years of VAT – It’s Been an Education!

    In this instalment of our reflection on the first half century of the “simple tax”, we look back at some of the policy decisions and case law that have shaped the current VAT landscape for education providers. As we look…

    By Laura Moore

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  4. Download14th Apr 2023

    AAB Group Tax Facts 2023-24


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  5. Blog23rd Mar 2023

    Spring Budget March 2023 Sagars Image

    Spring Budget March 2023

    HUNT FOR GROWTH Jeremy Hunt opened his first full Budget speech by declaring that it was a ‘budget for growth’. He emphasised that this would be ‘long term, sustainable, healthy growth’; after all, Kwasi Kwarteng’s ill-fated September speech at the…

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  6. Blog22nd Mar 2023

    Tom Andrew, Private Client Manager who wrote blog about tax pitfalls of cryptocurrency

    Pension Reforms – A Great Day For Savers

    There was perhaps less drama in the Spring Budget 2023 than there was in the build up to Jeremy Hunt’s first Autumn Statement, but it is a day that may live long in the memory of some, following significant pension…

    By Tom Andrew

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  7. Blog28th Feb 2023

    Kate Naylor, Corporate Tax Partner who wrote blog about employee ownership trusts

    The Herd Group Moves to Employee Ownership

    Sagars Accountants, an AAB group company, advised Herd Group on transferring to an Employee Ownership Trust. The Herd Group is a Surrey-headquartered vehicle rental firm that has seen significant year-on-year growth since the business was founded in 2014. The firm,…

    By Kate Naylor

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  8. Blog17th Jan 2023

    Tom Andrew, Private Client Manager who wrote blog about tax pitfalls of cryptocurrency

    The Hidden Tax Pitfalls of Cryptocurrency

    If cryptocurrencies are not the most popular form of investment, they are almost certainly the most talked about. And no wonder – it’s thrilling stuff. Cryptocurrency is relatively new and mysterious to many people. A tantalising balance of high risk…

    By Tom Andrew

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  9. Blog18th Nov 2022

    Autumn Statement 2022, Sagars image

    Autumn Statement 2022

    After much speculation over the last few weeks, Jeremy Hunt yesterday presented his Autumn Statement 2022 and set out his plans to tackle the cost of living crisis and rebuild the UK economy. This was the third major fiscal announcement…

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  10. Blog5th Oct 2022

    Joel Topham, Business Advisory Partner who wrote blog about succession in a family business

    Succession in a Family Business

    The Chinese proverb that ‘wealth will not pass beyond three generations’ is likely to send a shiver down the spine of those who run a family business.   Whether your business has just started trading or you are thinking about retiring…

    By Joel Topham

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  11. Blog2nd Aug 2022

    Gunhild Dam Private Client Partner who wrote the blog Trust Registration Service Extension

    Importance of Tax Planning When Selling a Business

    Successful business owners usually think long and hard about their exit strategies and negotiating business sales that meet their needs, but relevant tax planning is often overlooked or considered too late in the process to be effective. When you’ve put…

    By Gunhild Dam

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  12. Blog12th May 2022

    The importance of domicile

    The Importance of Domicile

    Non-dom tax status has received more than its fair share of attention in recent weeks, thanks to Rishi Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty. With news of Murty’s non-UK domicile tax status hitting the headlines, UK taxpayers might have been interested to…

    By Gunhild Dam

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