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  1. Blog16th Aug 2023

    Value Added Tax – a basic guide to the indirect tax for sole traders

    When many people think of VAT, they think of the extra charge on clothes, petrol and everyday items. However, those that are self-employed and/or run a business, may be required to get involved with VAT more than they would otherwise…

    By Helen Furniss

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  2. Blog15th May 2023

    Laura Moore, Indirect Tax Manager who wrote a blog about 50 Years of VAT

    50 Years of VAT – It’s Been an Education!

    In this instalment of our reflection on the first half century of the “simple tax”, we look back at some of the policy decisions and case law that have shaped the current VAT landscape for education providers. As we look…

    By Laura Moore

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  3. Blog7th Apr 2022

    VAT on Disbursements

    VAT on Disbursements

    Legal sector specialist and Business Advisory Partner, Joel Topham, has worked with AAB colleague and Indirect Tax Director, Alistair Duncan, to explain why confusion exists around the treatment of disbursements for VAT. Their blog should equip you with the tools…

    By Joel Topham

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