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  1. Blog5th Sep 2023

    Cruising around the world – can it really reduce your tax bill?

    The post-COVID world looks very different for many workers. Many are now choosing to work not just from home instead of the office, but in some cases, an entirely different country. Most are searching for a better work/life balance, escaping…

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  2. Blog4th Sep 2023

    Image of an electric vehicle being charged

    Is Salary Sacrifice worth it for an electric car?

    The 2022 Benefit in Kind Statistics annual report shows there has been a significant shift from diesel company cars which accounted for around 80% pre 2017, to 60% by 2019/2020 with a further decline to just 49% (355,000) in 2020/21. However,…

    By Karen Thomson

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  3. Blog16th Aug 2023

    Value Added Tax – a basic guide to the indirect tax for sole traders

    When many people think of VAT, they think of the extra charge on clothes, petrol and everyday items. However, those that are self-employed and/or run a business, may be required to get involved with VAT more than they would otherwise…

    By Helen Furniss

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  4. Blog11th Aug 2023

    HMRC Targeting Airbnb Landlords  

    The way in which we’re able to generate multiple streams of income from property ownership has changed. With platforms such as Airbnb, and Cool Stays, landlords are turning to short-term let properties as a source of income and seeing…

    By Bev Holroyd

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  5. Blog3rd Aug 2023

    Tom Andrew, Private Client Manager who wrote blog about tax pitfalls of cryptocurrency

    What is a Furnished Holiday Let?

    Furnished Holiday Lets (FHL) are becoming more and more popular in the UK, particularly in areas such as the Lake District, South-West England, Wales, and Scotland, with holidaymakers’ desires for a ‘staycation’ only increasing. But are you aware that these…

    By Tom Andrew

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  6. Blog3rd Aug 2023

    Steve Roberts, Private Client Senior Manager who wrote blog about Inheritance Tax

    Inheritance Tax – Could your estate be exposed?

    Many more ordinary people are becoming liable to Inheritance Tax (IHT) who may not have before. In this blog we’ll be looking at what IHT is, why the rise is occurring and how we can help you mitigate your IHT…

    By Steve Roberts

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  7. Blog18th Jun 2023

    Richard Higginbottom, Audit Senior Manager who wrote blog about labour shortages hit the manufacturing industry

    Labour shortages hit the manufacturing industry hard. Is there a solution?

    Soaring energy costs, inflation and interest rates continue to have a massive impact on business and the economy but recruitment and retention of staff remains the number one challenge for employers across all sectors. Certainly, competition for people and talent…

    By Richard Higginbottom

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  8. Blog15th May 2023

    Laura Moore, Indirect Tax Manager who wrote a blog about 50 Years of VAT

    50 Years of VAT – It’s Been an Education!

    In this instalment of our reflection on the first half century of the “simple tax”, we look back at some of the policy decisions and case law that have shaped the current VAT landscape for education providers. As we look…

    By Laura Moore

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  9. Download14th Apr 2023

    AAB Group Tax Facts 2023-24


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  10. Blog13th Apr 2023

    Joel Topham, Business Advisory Partner who wrote blog about succession in a family business

    The Importance of Succession Planning for Family Businesses

    Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. Accounting for over 88% of private companies in Britain and providing upwards of 13 million jobs. Family firms have shown they can be adaptable, entrepreneurial, innovative, and forward-thinking as many have…

    By Joel Topham

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  11. Blog23rd Mar 2023

    Spring Budget March 2023 Sagars Image

    Spring Budget March 2023

    HUNT FOR GROWTH Jeremy Hunt opened his first full Budget speech by declaring that it was a ‘budget for growth’. He emphasised that this would be ‘long term, sustainable, healthy growth’; after all, Kwasi Kwarteng’s ill-fated September speech at the…

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  12. Blog22nd Mar 2023

    Tom Andrew, Private Client Manager who wrote blog about tax pitfalls of cryptocurrency

    Pension Reforms – A Great Day For Savers

    There was perhaps less drama in the Spring Budget 2023 than there was in the build up to Jeremy Hunt’s first Autumn Statement, but it is a day that may live long in the memory of some, following significant pension…

    By Tom Andrew

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