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  1. Blog5th Feb 2024

    Could your car allowance qualify for National Insurance relief?

    If your employees use their own cars for business purposes, then National Insurance relief on car allowance may be up for grabs! RECENT TAX CASES For more years than I care to remember, different tax cases have been presented to…

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  2. Blog15th Dec 2023

    Tom Andrew

    Tax Domicile: why is it important & how can your family affect it?

    It goes without saying that family is super important to everyone on so many levels. It usually drives decisions on where someone chooses to live, perhaps leading to an overseas relocation to keep their family close. Your family (usually your…

    By Tom Andrew

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  3. Blog15th Dec 2023

    Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline is Coming – Tick Tock On The Compliance Clock

    The festive season is on the horizon, and it might be fair to say completing your tax return may not be at top of the priority list, but it’s important to remember the online self-assessment filing deadline of 31 January…

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  4. Blog7th Dec 2023

    Unravelling The Secrets of Tax Codes

    At the beginning of a new financial year, we find ourselves trying to start off on the right foot and ensure our tax affairs are in order. We do this to avoid any nasty surprises at year end or, when…

    By Alison Hirst

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  5. Blog5th Dec 2023

    Payroll Dos & Don’ts for Casual Workers

    Have you, or do you ever, employ casual workers for a short period?

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  6. Blog30th Nov 2023

    A guide to grant funding for charities

    Grant funding for charities – the basics, the challenges, and how we can help At the heart of charities are dedicated team members, volunteers and trustees that often have the passion and drive to power a city but, realistically, is…

    By Laura Moore

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  7. Blog28th Nov 2023

    James Hunt, Managing Partner at Sagars

    Q&A with James Hunt Managing Partner at Sagars

    We sat for a Q&A with James Hunt, Managing Partner at Sagars to delve deeper into his role, to find out what makes us special and what the future holds not only for Sagars but also for AAB Group and…

    By James Hunt

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  8. Blog28th Nov 2023

    Gunhild Dam Private Client Partner who wrote the blog Trust Registration Service Extension

    Q&A with Gunhild Dam Private Client Partner

    We sat down with Gunhild Dam, Private Client Partner, to delve a bit deeper into her new role, what’s new at Sagars, what us special, what the future holds as part of AAB Group, and more… Congratulations on being promoted…

    By Gunhild Dam

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  9. Blog23rd Nov 2023

    Image of coastal city Bergen, Norway, with the Norwegian flag flying from a boat.

    Working In Norway – Compliance Considerations to Think About

    Norway continues to be an attractive place for companies in the UK to seek opportunities because of it’s proximity and strong ties with the UK business community. There’s a number of reasons companies and their employees land on operating and…

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  10. Blog21st Nov 2023

    Tom Andrew

    Autumn Statement – What Changes Can We Expect?

    A lot can change in a year – and after the 2022 Autumn Statement promised wide ranging tax cuts, only for many of the key measures to be swiftly reversed, 2023 could well grab fewer headlines in comparison.  Having said…

    By Tom Andrew

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  11. Blog17th Nov 2023

    Furnished Holiday Lets – Qualifying Conditions & Elections

    To gain the tax advantages of a Furnished Holiday Let (FHL), the property must qualify, and HMRC have a series of qualifying conditions which must be met. If the criteria is still not met, the property will be treated as…

    By Bev Holroyd

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  12. Blog28th Oct 2023

    Would you be ready if HMRC lodged a formal enquiry into your Income Tax Return?

    A tax enquiry is the process by which HMRC check in detail that the information on a tax return is correct and complete. HMRC have the right to make a formal enquiry into every tax return submitted to them. This…

    By Gunhild Dam

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